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The Sky-High Demand for Big Data Careers

Big Data is gigantic in so many aspects that it is tough to imagine. It refers to the enormous sets of data that is inexplicable in terms of volume, variety, and velocity.

Technology has progressed to an unexplainable level allowing organizations to store enormous amounts of data that was not possible earlier. Therefore, business owners are incredibly pleased by this development as now they own the power to use customer data to the fullest for coming up with smarter ideas to expand their business.
As a result of the data outburst, organizations have a profound need for Big Data services. They require professionals who can help them withdraw meaning insights into the giant data sets so that they are able to make fact-based decisions in order to enhance the company’s performance.

Thus, Big Data Careers have become incredibly ‘Hot’ in today’s time where every company is able to exploit their data reservoirs to have a better understanding of their business and clients. The Big Data industry is booming like anything, infusing a thrill in young professionals to build a lucrative career in it. This craze of owning a Big Data Career is going off the charts.

Here is a list of things that make a Big Data Career appealing to professionals.

1.    The Exorbitant Demand for Big Data Professionals

As mentioned above, every organization, big or small, is desperately trying to explore the power of Big Data, hence, they are seeking professionals who can help them do so. And, Big Data is not going anywhere, thus, this demand is only going to elevate. It is becoming increasingly essential for companies to stay ahead of the competition in the cutthroat business world, so the more data professionals they hire, the merrier it is for business leaders wanting to make the best use of data.

2.    The growing shortage of Talent in the Big Data realm

As the field of Big Data is new, there are not many professionals who have the skills for taking up Big Data jobs. And, if you visit any job portal, you shall find a plethora of job postings mentioning the requirement for professionals with Big Data skills. So, this is another factor to push individuals towards a Big Data career. From engineers to managers to business analysts, there is skyrocketing demand for a variety of people who can analyze data and make clever decisions.

3.    Several Choices for Job Types as well as Technologies

Big data can be considered as an umbrella term that has a myriad of job titles along with roles below it. Professionals have a number of job designations to choose from. There are three main types of domains related to analytics which are:

    Predictive Analytics

    Prescriptive Analytics

    Descriptive Analytics

Big Data professionals are being offered with an extensive range of job roles, and they have the opportunity to select from the list as per their interest.

Moreover, there are various top notch companies like IBM, Microsoft, Pentaho, Opera, Platfora, Saffron, Oracle and Teradata that have needs for Big Data services, thus, are offering numerous opportunities to big data professionals. Big data is one of the biggest fields with a lightning-fast growth rate.

4.    Remunerative Salary Offers

As the demand for big data professional is enormous, the salary offered to them often extremely high. So, Big Data experts can avail opportunities across a variety of domains. And, if you talk about first-grade multinational firms, they all offer competitive salaries to their Big Data employees. Ergo, career advancement and high remunerations are great factors for people to construct Big Data Careers.

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