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How to use photoshop for real estate photo editing services?

If you are one of the talented real estate photographers then your most of the day must be spent in clicking several images of the buildings, property, interiors, and exterior setups. Photographers and editors are hired for advertising and marketing campaigns and as experts, you have to make sure that no glitches or imbalances shall remain in the images. What makes an image suited for advertising is the right angle, contrast, and balance of lightings in it.

Along with clicking the images, it comes under the job of the photographer to set the ideal setup for photography and then edit the images to make them look impeccable. If as a photographer you also offer real estate photo editing services then you get a bonus with your photography. The enhancement techniques using Photoshops can bring about a huge change in an image. The retouching services in real estate hold great importance for very obvious reasons and therefore, having learned them gives you an advantage over other photographers.

Let’s learn the tricks of Photoshop to edit the images,

1. Hue and Saturation – The hue or saturation tool is great for adjusting colors in the image. Since you take most of the photography in sunlight or artificial, therefore, correcting the green light is the most common error and had to be dealt with by everyone. The adjustment has to chosen after selecting the image. Then selecting yellow afterward, set the Hue to +15 and saturation to -5. You can make the adjustments by choosing the green from the drop-down menu.

2. Set the brightness – When you take photography in sunlight or in a natural environment then imbalances in brightness is very natural. Therefore, select the image and then make adjustments as per the requirements.

3. Make the garden look greener – Garden is an essential part of exterior photography. It attracts viewers more than any other setting. However, if the grass is little less green then it has to be retouched with the color and it can be done by selecting the brush of right size and dab the grass portion with it.

4. Adjustments of curves in the photography – Alignment in reality and photography comes out very different. The lenses do not have the natural eyesight and therefore, even after making many adjustments one cannot prevent the appearance of curves. A curve is a tool in the software that you have to set to auto. In order to lighten the curve, you pull the line in the up direction to the diagonal and downwards in order to darken it. One can even use the eyedropper to change the black and white tones of the image.

5. Straightening up the property – Since the earth is round and therefore, if the camera is at the right angle then property might not look straight or the base can look  curved. In such cases, drag the property in the opposite direction of the slant and you will get the desired results.

6. Brighten the corners of the room – Working on the corners of the room is important as lightings from the exteriors can influence the imbalance in the corner. You can use the dodge tool and right brush size to adjust the brightness. The interiors of the room definitely need adjustments in the lights so that and even look can be captured.

The tools in Photoshop are effective and efficient for real estate photo editing. The image retouching using the software can provide you with the right set of photographs to be used for promotional purpose.

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