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How TaaS Enhances Your Application's Performance?

Testing as a Service or TaaS is service in which software testing is done by another organization.  In spite of being outsourced, some of the testings are done in the organization itself. People who do testing through TaaS do not need deep technical knowledge of design or system.

How to become Sysops Administrator?

A candidate can do AWS Sysops Training in order to become an administrator. His role in an organization would be to deploy a fault-tolerant system and controlling the flow of data. A candidate can do the training in a classroom basis and many institutes provide such training.

Types of TaaS

Various types of TaaS can be implemented for testing and these are described here.

Functional Testing as a Service or Functional TaaS

This type of testing includes the testing of GUI integration testing, regression and acceptance testing.

Performance Testing as a Service or Performance TaaS

Performance testing can be done for any type of software application. In this type of testing, multiple users are given access to an application. The users have to check whether the application is performing properly or not. Load testing and stress testing is also a part of performance TaaS.  Using TaaS the testers can create an environment of real world users. These are actually virtual users who test the application.

Security Testing as a Service or Security TaaS

The testers can use TaaS to do security testing of an application. This testing can be done by performing various types of cans on a software application and also the websites.

Features of TaaS

TaaS has various features, which help the testers in testing the application or websites on various bases. Some of these features have been discussed here.

Self Service Portal

The portal helps to in execution of applications and websites in order to perform functional and load test.

Test Library

This feature helps to test the library with full control in order to help the end users to save the test assets.

Hardware Utilization

The TaaS uses cloud hardware and maximizes hardware utilization. The cloud hardware pool works under various security policies.

Test Tab

This tab helps to deploy multi-tier applications, test tools, and test scripts.


Bottlenecks in an application can be easily monitored and resolved.

Metering Services

This helps in creating bills for the customers based on the services used by them. The metering services track the services used by the user and charge them accordingly.

TaaS over a Cloud

These are the steps in which TaaS provides software testing.
·         User scenario development
·         Designing of test cases
·         Cloud service provider selection
·         Infrastructure setting
·         Leveraging cloud services
·         Execute the tests
·         Monitor the goals for the tests
·         Result deliverance

User Scenario Development

A user scenario is developed in order to achieve a goal. These scenarios can be used while making plans of testing a project. The scenario is created on the basis of how the user will use the application.

Designing Test Cases

Test cases are designed in order to test all the functions of software. The test cases include the technical specifications of software along with its design and client requirements. Along with it, the test cases also include the internal structure of software. Developers can use these to test the developed code.

Cloud service provider selection

The cloud service provider should be selected on the basis of the areas in which the services are to be used and the budget. Firstly, the team has to decide the time when a cloud service is to be used. The organization should understand the business needs before selecting a provider. After making a decision of selecting a provider, the organization should look for the one who is certified and are able to meet the requirement of the organization.

Another thing to be considered is that the technology used by the organization and the provider is the same. This is checked because the test can be done on the same programming language, which is used to develop the software.

Infrastructure setting

The organization has to take care of the infrastructure that the cloud service provider will use in order to test the software. The provider must have all the required tools needed to test software.

Leveraging cloud services

Cloud technology is very good in case of testing software and organizations, software developers, and data scientists use the cloud services to enhance their capability.

Execute the tests

The cloud provider should execute the tests based on the requirements of the organization. The test can be based on security, functionality, performance or all the three. The provider should make all the notes regarding the tests and show it to the organization. If any bug is found then the organization is informed in order to remove it.

Monitor the goals for the tests

The organization should monitor the tests and keep a check that whether the goals is being met or not.

Result deliverance

The provider should deliver results on the basis of the services asked by the organization. The result can be in the form of written documents or online documents.

Advantages of Cloud Testing

The advantages of cloud testing have been discussed here.
  • The cloud testing helps in maintaining test assets and provides easiness in the execution of tests.
  • Test cost is saved and no new hardware is to be purchased nor test needs to be set. According to some reviews, the testers are able to save 50% to 60% through this testing.
  • Users get test results easily through project testing and execution.
  • Data can be accessed only by the authorized users.
  • The cloud service does not need any new purchases of hardware. Maintenance cost can also be reduced due to this.
  • The payment to the cloud services is based on what type of service is being used.

Disadvantages of Cloud Testing

In spite of several advantages, there are some disadvantages too which are mentioned here.

  • Since the testing is outsourced, so the organization has to expose its intellectual property to the testers.
  • An organization becomes dependent on the cloud service providers.

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