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Advantages of starting free zone business in Dubai Free zones

Dubai is the commercial capital of the United Arab Emirates, housing several multinational businesses, 500 fortune companies as well as small and medium enterprises. Dubai is the ultimate destination for companies involved in trading, tourism, imports, exports and innovation-based sectors.

Free zones in Dubai are a great way to start a business for any foreign entity. Free zones in Dubai offer ideal office setups, boundless infrastructure, access to freehold property and comprehensive privacy to investors. Although setting up a company in Dubai free zones takes less time, investors need to show an obligatory capital amount in their bank accounts and submit several documentation, forms and procedures.

However, there are multiple advantages of starting free zone business in Dubai Free Zones. But before analysing the benefits of free zone business in Dubai, its crucial to understand what types of free zone company structures can be established in Dubai free zones.

1.       FREE ZONE COMPANY: Free zone company is where the company can be set up with 2 to 5 shareholders and a minimum capital is invested in the business that needs to be shown to the free zone authority of the given free zone jurisdiction. Every free zone in Dubai has a different limit on the requirement of minimum capital, but there are also free zones in Dubai that have no obligatory condition of having capital.

2.       FREE ZONE ESTABLISHMENT: Under a free zone establishment a company can have only one shareholder as the sole owner of the business and no other partners or shareholders are allowed.

3.       BRANCH OF A COMPANY: A branch company is a perfect option for businesses that already have their base in some other country or in a different region or jurisdiction. Even some mainland companies start a branch office in Dubai free zone to take advantage of the various benefits of a free zone business setup in Dubai. Branch office companies are set up as a legal part of a parent company, which is based anywhere outside Dubai free zones.

Now that we know what types of company you could start in a Dubai free zone, let’s check out the advantages of starting a free zone business setup in Dubai

·         100% ownership of company
This is one of the most important and enticing advantages that motivates businessmen across the world to start a business in Dubai free zones. Dubai free zones offer 100% foreign ownership ensuring that you have complete rights over your business.

·         100% import and export tax exemptions
Lately, UAE along with the many gulf regions introduced value-added-tax in 2018, along with which even some of the free zones had to have introduced VAT. Yet, there are several free zones in Dubai that are still 100% tax-free and do not levy any tax on the imports and exports made by the businesses. Also, free zone companies have no corporate taxes or income taxes.

·         100% return of capital and profits
Free zones in Dubai also offers you 100% return of capital and profits, which mean you have entire control over the capital and the profits of the company.

·         100% privacy with limited financial reporting
Free zones in Dubai are monitored by the respective free zone authorities. These authorities have their own rules and regulation different from the UAE commercial law. This allows complete secrecy for companies allowing 100% privacy with limited financial reporting.

·         Added Advantages
Free zones in Dubai provide a single window system for companies that make company setup quick and easy. Free zones in Dubai also provide quick administration services, on-site customs inspection and online customer service.

Apart from the added advantages, it is best to be guided by an expert – Shuraa Business Setup makes this process simpler and helps you set up a company in Dubai Free Zones. We can help you start a free zone business in the shortest possible time and even without your physical presence in the country. To know more simply call us on +97144081900 / +971507775554. You may also email us on or log on to

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