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How to Throw an Epic New Year’s Eve Party

Some things are better when they’re spontaneous, but an epic party isn’t one of them. The best party takes planning, and three key elements will ensure that your gathering is the one that people will be talking about until next December 31. You need to have the essentials, you need a theme, and you need a hook.

Have all the essentials

No matter how amazing the theme, and whatever special elements you have in mind, your party will never make it to epic status if you’re missing the crucial basics. Nothing ruins a party like running out of ice or having to interrupt the fun while the host rushes off to finish up just one last thing.

Checklists abound online, but at a minimum you need to make sure you’ve got the following:

     More champagne and sparkling cider than you think you’ll need
     Champagne flutes
     More ice than you think you’ll need
     More cups and plates than you think you’ll need
     Noisemakers, poppers, and anything that glows in the dark
     A TV setup to watch the ball drop
     A great playlist and sound system that works
     Plenty of snacks for nibbling, in addition to whatever main food you choose
     Lots of party favors

Set a great theme

You can go in lots of directions here, depending on your mood, the mood of the year, and the preferences of your friends. The best tips for throwing a New Year's party theme all require you to start by knowing your audience.

Having a theme will guide the celebration, give you automatic talking points that help keep things moving, and make your party seem polished. Choose a direction that will appeal to your guests.

Go traditional

Good themes here include a masquerade ball theme, which should always be formal; a decade party that celebrates the glories of the ’60s, ’80s or ’90s; a black-and-white ball with ball gowns and tuxedos; or a Times Square party that pays homage to America’s favorite place to end the year.

Celebrate by giving back

Try throwing an eco-friendly party complete with locally sourced foods, biodegradable tableware, and games that quiz your guests’ knowledge of nature and science. Another way to give back could be by holding an auction of donated goods and services to raise money for a charity or for a needy family in your area.

Take advantage of the times

If you have a crowd with similar political or social views, this can be a fun way to go. Whether you’re thrilled or dismayed by an election, that’s an idea for a fun party theme. Has there been a big change in cultural customs, or even a scientific revelation that wowed the world in the year just past? Any of these can serve as the theme of your party and keep people talking and interacting all the way until midnight — and beyond.

Make sure you have a hook

The other thing you need is something unique and special that makes your guests excited to come to your soirée. A good hook grabs people’s attention and draws them in. Again, what matters most here is knowing your audience and what will appeal to them.

Your hook could be intellectual. It could be a question or puzzle that has to be solved at the party. If you have a crowd that loves a lively debate, why not organize a formal one? Have teams take sides, prepare their arguments, and then engage in friendly dispute.

Your hook could be something special that everyone enjoys. Try laying in a supply of the best Cosmic Fog Kryptonite e juice or some Black Magic.

Your hook could even be making something together, like blankets that you’ll donate to a nonprofit, or baskets of useful items for needy mothers-to-be.

This New Year’s Eve, your party will be great. It just takes some planning, a great theme, and something to get people there. Stay safe and have fun!

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