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Why Does My TV Turn Off Itself and How to Repair?

Even the best televisions need repair and replacement after a point. However, replacement shouldn’t be your immediate goal, because most of the TV problems can be repaired, unless the product is beyond repair owing to extensive use and age. One of the common problems that people have with televisions is unexpected shut-offs. You may find that your TV is turning-off or on by itself, even when you have not touched the remote. TV Repair Company, which specializes in LG TV repair in Greater Toronto Area, offers an insight into the problem, with the possible causes and what you can do in terms of repairs.

Possible causes of TV turning off by itself

First things first, let’s start by saying that this might not be a major problem with the TV itself. The experts from TV Repair Company recommend doing a thorough check to find the possible issues. Here are some of the reasons.

Because the settings are so. If your TV has been connected to input devices like a set-top/Sky box or other device, the settings of that device may force the TV to shit off.

Because the TV is affected by infra-red signals. This is also possible, but again, it depends on the fault with the device itself.

Because there is a mechanical problem. If there is a mechanical issue with TV, which is possible, the connections might not work as expected, causing the television to shut on or off.

Because the buttons of the remote are not working. If you have a faulty remote, it is very likely that one of these problematic buttons is getting pressed, causing the TV to shut off.

Because you have a timer that’s not know. Many people don’t remember setting a timer for the TV, and if that’s the case, the television will shut off at the time set or after a period, as per the settings.
There is also a chance that the power supply to the television is faulty.

Repairing the TV

TV Repair Company recommends that you check all the external connections and settings, before deciding on the repairs, if required at all. In case you are not sure of how to check those connections, you can call a repair service, and based on the initial inspection, they should be able to tell you the possible issues. TV Repair Company has been around for close to two decades, and the company deals with all kinds of television. This particular problem – the TV turning off by itself – can be specific to a few brands or models, so the experts of the company can check everything. It is important to understand that not TV repair jobs are the same, and unless an initial inspection is done, it is rather impossible to find the exact problem.

Why call the TV Repair Company?

As one of the best-known services in Toronto, TV Repair Company has come a long way in the last couple of decades. The company knows what it takes to repair all types of brands and models, and the repairmen recommend homeowners to not take matter in their own hands. The company says that modern televisions are getting slimmer by the day, which means that the mechanical parts are getting smaller. As such, there isn’t much to do after opening the television set. TV Repair Company assures that clients will get all the assistance that they need immediately, and therefore, they don’t have to wait for long to get the repairs done.

Working with the TV Repair Company

TV Repair Company offers repair services for all kinds of televisions, and what makes them a really reliable service is their response time. If your TV has been turning on and off by itself, and you are unable to find the problem, call the company and they will send in someone for a quick inspection. You don’t have to wait, and as long as the problem is repairable, you can expect to get your TV back in working condition within one to two days, unless the company sets another deadline. TV Repair Company is also one of the few services that specialize in dealing with audio equipment, Sky Box and other devices, so in case you are not sure of who to call in times of need, this is a service that makes the cut.

Get warranty on the job

One of the many reasons to hire TV Repair Company for Samsung TV repair is the warranty they provide. For selected repair services and parts replacement, you get a warranty of 90 days, which is awesome because you don’t need to spend on the same service twice. Also, the company has special deals, offers and discounts from time to time, and they focus on TV repair, so that you can avoid replacement to the extent viable. Also, TV Repair Company offers a special discount of 10% on all jobs for seniors, which, as the company claim, is the best way to give back to the community.

Final word

If you have problems with your TV, especially a recurring one, do not ignore it. The problem of TV turning on or off on its own might not be a big one, but it is still a good idea to call up a TV Repair Company, which can check everything in detail. In most cases, TV problems can be sorted, so don’t wait for the time for the product to completely shut off. TV Repair Company has a website, where you can find all the relevant details related to their services, so check for that. The company also offers additional assistance for older models, including the boxy ones that many homes still own.
As a smart customer, it is still a good idea to get an estimate, but rest assured that the TV Repair Company will only charge what they have provided in the quote. In case a part is replaced, you can ask them an itemized bill, just to understand the costing better.

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