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Top 3 Industries That Are In A Dire Need For Outsourcing

The world is getting smaller and the competition is getting fiercer every year.Businesses are taking zero chances when it comes to ensuring sustainable growth in a market that is full of companies ready to snatch each other’s’ market share. Doesn’t matter what sector a business belongs to, outsourcing has become the ultimate resort to achieve profitability.

Currently, India is leading the outsourcing sector by possessing 66% of the call centers in the world. You can explore a list of call centers in India and see how ferociously these specialized service providers are tapping the business requirements. Unlike the older times when outsourcing was merely a way out to save money and raise the performance of a particular unit, today it has become a quintessential strategy to accomplish success and survive in this uncertain business environment.

If we look at the stats, IT companies outsource out of every business sector and there is a reason for that; because hiring a technical support expert is costly. But, there are some other business industries that desperately requires to outsource their tasks. Let’s take a look at them:


Technology has transformed the way the travel industry used to operate. Looking at 20 years back, no one could have thought that the travel sector will be so tech-based. Since the advent of the internet and the emergence of e-commerce companies, a lot of travel firms have started using web platforms. A lot of known names in the travel industry has becomebig only after using theonline mediums.

Travel companies are now focusing onsimplifying the users’ experience by rendering attractiveholistic packages and booking facilities for trains, buses, flights, and hotels on the websites or applications. Since the operation of such firmsis based on direct communication with the customers, service experience plays a vital role.

Indian travel companies like Goibibo,, MakeMyTrip, etc have been consistently availing assistance from the call centers to handle their customer queries. There is a full list of call centers in India that cater to the diverse demands of such organizations.


A lot of government organizations are now evolving and started to adopt the modern & technology-centric approach. Since most of the commoners are still incompetent in comprehending the changes, government organizations really need a competent outsourcing company that could handle people’s queries and doubts with utmost diligence.

For an instance, Indian Government implemented GST and made the generation of Adhaar Card (UID card) compulsory. A majority of the citizens were not aware of the process of implementation and card development. Hence, the Indian government strategically hired call centers that were aimed to solvethe common people’s query related to the respective processes, making life easy for everyone.
Hence, Government firms have to start outsourcing in order toease the transformation process. Competent inbound service vendors can make the government divisions like motor vehicle bureaus, local, state, and federal offices, police stations, prisons, and public libraries, etc much efficient and stable.


This is one of the most popular business sectors in the world. People invest in a myriad of schemes and portfolios such as mutual funds, recurring deposits, etc. Remember, the banking sector is highly competitive and to sustain a justifiable growth rate, these financial organizations require a proficient assistance for the customers who call everytime with their questions, queries, and grievances. The bank that doesn’t hire or maintain a diligent call center team has to witness an exodus of customers from its base.

Along with this, digitalization has knocked the doors of every business sector, including banking. People are now making transactions on digital platforms and it is the dawn of a new era. Currency that flows in the digital medium has eased the people’s effort to an extraordinary level. For this, customers need a solid support service from the bank to get well-versed with the swiftly changing business models.

Final Take

There are other sectors such as healthcare, retail, education, food, etcthat also will benefit heavily from outsourcing. Check the list of call centers in India and see how many of these sectors’ companies are outsourcing their business tasks. You will be surprised to see that only a few of these firms choose to outsource. What’re your thoughts? Is outsourcing essential for all these sectors? Share your thoughts with us in the comment section. Thanks! 

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