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This Modern Time Clock Software Will Save Your Business Thousands on Payroll Costs Monthly

Want to reduce your payroll costs? The perfect solution is to automate your employee timesheets and payroll processing reports using a modern time clock software solution. According to the Payroll Association, there is a 1% to 8% error in the payroll reports with companies using conventional paper timesheets with manual inputs. In a survey, it was concluded that 43% of remote workers admitted they indulge in time theft. This has led the companies to lose 7% of their annual payroll.

Boomr is a complete solution for employee time tracking and workforce management. A remarkable thing about this time clock app is that it perfect for all sizes of business, from small scale to large scale. This will enable you to have timesheets for all remote works in real-time on any device. Moreover, this time tracking app has a wide range of services, ranging from employee location tracking to getting timesheet reports in one single place in the cloud. You can keep a track of overtime hours worked by employees with ease to and get alerts if they are approaching overtime status.

In this post, we have mentioned how employee time clock software, Boomr can be good for your business. Have a look!

It will Help in Saving Money

One of the top reasons to use Boomr is that it will help you save cost on the payroll. It was stated by the American Payroll Association that every year, businesses lose $148 billion because of inefficient attendance and time management.

The perfect solution to this problem is Boomr, this time clock software is useful for reducing payroll costs. You can stay on budget because there will be no time theft often due to buddy punching with a punch in and out time clock. Their time clock software offers up a very powerful mobile time tracking app with GPS that will enable you to keep a record of the hours worked by your employees no matter where they are via their smartphones using a GPS time tracker with geo-fencing technology.

When you begin using their time clock app to track employee work hours, you will get real-time timesheet reports. You can have access to the timesheet reports before the billing and payroll. In this way, there will be no time theft and you will be providing fair payments for hours worked. It will allow you to have accurate and precise payroll, so you can stay in your fiscal budget.

Employee Location & Project Tracking
Another way to keep tabs on the productivity of your employees is with the help of the GPS time tracker. This feature of their time clock software will allow you to know where your employees are at all times and if they are working on the tasks they are supposed to be working on. The real-time GPS location tracking app they offer will inform you when your remote workers are working and when they are taking a break, and if they are approaching overtime status too.

Manage Your Workforce with Ease
This time clock app will help the HR team to manage the employees workflows much easier. You can take advantage of the automated time tracking system that will let you email or text or send an in-app notification about the check-ins of your staff – no matter where they are working. This will help the employees to remember to clock in and clock out of their shifts.

At the end of the day, Boomr is a great option to have in your business technology stack, as their time tracking software and mobile time clock app will not only help in saving money on payroll but eliminate time theft. So, if you’re interested in learning more, you can start using this time clock app for multiple employees free today for 30-days with their free trial.

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