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5 Factors That Affects Pregnancy or Fertility in Women

When you and your partner are ready to have a baby, you may be filled with happiness and fear both at the same time. Many women who get pregnant without the slightest complications, however, there are some who are unable to conceive and get pregnant. Several factors affect the pregnancy or fertility of the women. If you are going through any one of the complications, you must quickly consult with the doctor and try to treat the problem as soon as possible. The quicker the issues get addressed, the more chances to become pregnant. Here are some of the vital factors to know that can affect the fertility-


Current health condition is a vital factor that affects the fertility of women. Obesity largely affects pregnancy. If you have the BMI value more than 10-15% than the normal, you may be having too much estrogen in the body, which can affect the fertility. As like the extra weight, underweight is also important factor infertility. Apart from these factors, the hormonal imbalances and the auto-immune disorders also affect your pregnancy largely.


PCOS or the polycystic ovarian syndrome is one of the common factors that affect the pregnancy of women. About 30-40% of women around the world suffer from PCOS. This health condition involves the formation of small cysts in the ovary. These cysts neither do release properly at the time of menstrual cycle. You may be having problems to conceive as you do not ovulate or have periods. Consult with the doctor if you have weight gain, irregular periods, hair on the body and high blood sugar level. Though most of the cases of PCOS are treatable, you must consult the doctor as soon as possible.


Maintaining an unhealthy lifestyle is very bad to conceive or to become pregnant. Smoking can affect the growing fetus in the womb as it alters the production of estrogen. You must stop smoking when you decide to become pregnant. It is also advisable to stop drinking alcohol and take caffeine as it affects the level of estrogen hormone in the body.


The blocked fallopian tubes can cause about 20% of the infertility cases. The fallopian tube disease can block and scare the tubes. This is caused due to the untreated STD, PID or the pelvic inflammatory disease and the multiple reproductive diseases.  If you are suffering from fallopian tube disease, you must consult with the doctor so that this health condition gets reduced and you can conceive soon.


About 50-60% of the women suffer from fibroids. It is the growth of the numerous small cysts or non-cancerous tumours in the inner wall of the uterus that results in the blockage. The fibroids cause heavy or no bleeding during periods, pain during the intercourse, excessive pelvic and abdominal pain etc. if you are suffering from these above symptoms, and you must consult the doctor. Several treatments are available these days like myomectomy, hysterectomy, or UFE to treat these non-malignant tumours.

These 5 factors largely affect your pregnancy or fertility. You must always maintain a healthy lifestyle for becoming a mother. Avoid drinking too much alcohol or smoke cigarettes.

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