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4 Steps to Teach Your Kids to Ride a Bike

Learning how to ride a bike is one of the important memories of childhood. Everyone learns to ride a bicycle with the help of parents. Initially, it is a big deal to overcome fear. With regular practice, a child can become a master with full control over the bicycle.

Nowadays, parents prefer balance bike without pedals for toddlers. These bikes are designed with amazing features such as comfortable handles and steering locks. The tyres of these bicycles hold a good grip that prevents the bicycle from skidding. Furthermore, the bicycles are conveniently handled by children and they are able to control them soon.

To make it easier for the kids, the parents can follow the following steps:

Select the Right Bike: With more options available, it is better to buy a balance bike for your kid instead of a bike with support. A lightweight bike is always a better option for kids. Additionally, the saddle must be adjustable. This feature makes it a comfortable bicycle for children.

Start Riding inside Home: Kids can sit on the bikes with their feet touching the ground. Initially, they can start riding inside the home also. The kids can start riding the bicycle in an empty parking lot or lobby. When riding slowly, the kids will build confidence and pick up speed.   

Support the Child: Initially, you can hold the bike seat or the back of child to help him. Guide him to look ahead and start running. To provide support, run alongside but set him free as soon as he gains balance. If you do not allow kids to be free, they will not become confident.

Starting Solo Ride: As the child starts maintaining balance, take him to a playground. Allow him to take complete rounds on his own. In a bigger area, he will be able to gain more speed while riding. Take all the safety measures so that he does not get hurt in case of falling.

You can take the kids in a playground and encourage the child to ride it slowly in the beginning. When kids start riding in speed, motivate them to make big turns every now and then. You can also set a finish line and turns in between the passage. By practicing the balance bicycle regularly, the children can learn to maintain balance soon. This enables them to ride the bicycle with pedals.

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