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Some Great Romantic Day Trips Weekend Getaways in Massachusetts

Massachusetts is the highly populated state in the New England region. It is the home to peculiar and attractive New England towns. It also has bigger modern cities. So it gives the travelers the best of both worlds. Here you can relax on a beach in Cape Cod, visit Boston’s top-class museums, and much more. So here you will find several Romantic Day Trips Weekend Getaways in Massachusetts. There are many vacation rentals like rustic cabins, lavish mansions, and much more. You have a lot of attractions in the state. So here are some of the best scenic towns and cities to enjoy your romantic weekend:

1. Martha’s Vineyard:

It is an absolute island community just south of Cape Cod. This is one of the state’s most lavish holiday destinations. Besides, Menasha Beach features some of the most stunning sunsets New England has to offer. Martha’s Vineyard is famous for its amazing eateries. Here you have various options of restaurants. Also, the State Road restaurant is a good place to eat.

2. Nantucket:

This is an island haven. It is one of Massachusetts’s most famous holiday places for couples. This place is well-known for its excellent eateries, wide-ranging boutique shop, and much more. You can go to small shops in downtown Nantucket and stay by Nantucket Country Antiques. Here you can take on some materials to remember your trip. Nantucket has some beautiful beaches comprising Madaket Beach, Surfside Beach, and much more. You can explore the beach by just walking or you can rent bicycles for an amusing adventure. For dinner here, you have the option of restaurants having local seafood. So this is one of the Best Romantic Day Trips Weekend Getaways in Massachusetts.

3. Boston:

Massachusetts’s capital city has lots of holiday rentals available. You can find from luxurious downtown lofts to comfortable row homes. Here you can get the best chocolates. Also, there are many historical attractions. When the weather is good, you can visit Gondola di Venezia to board a lavish 36-foot Venetian gondola created in Venice. At this place, you can enjoy a peaceful private cruise. This is down the Charles River with a free basket of cheese and chocolates. You have the best option for shopping on Newbury Street. Also see Best Weekend Getaways from Boston.

4. The Berkshires:

The Berkshires are spotted with a range of fascinating villages and towns. There is the well-known Berkshire Botanical Garden in Stockton. This garden has over 3,000 species and many types of plants covering 15 acres. You can also visit Sweet Brook Farm in Williamstown in the Northern Berkshires. Here are several such places which make your tour memorable.

5. Lexington:

It is situated just a half-hour northwest of Boston. This is a historic town with the typical New England feel. Lexington is nearby proximity to the big city. You can go to the historic Wilson Farm for a peaceful day containing in farm-fresh baked bread, candies, and much more. At Lexington, you can get a variety of cousins to try.   

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