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How Can Indian Businessmen Save on Taxes?

The changing economic system in India has made it extremely difficult for Indian businessmen to cope up with the taxes. The current scenario for businessmen has become even more complicated due to the mandatory requirement of complying with the higher rate of Goods and Services Taxes (GST).
Most of the income and profits for businessmen in India is lost on logistic and paying heavy taxes. However, there are several ways through which Indian businessmen can avoid or save on GST.The best way to go about would be by starting a business in Dubai.

How starting a business in Dubai can help you save tax?

Dubai is among the best cities in the world to start a company and save taxes. Dubai as a commercial hub is divided into jurisdictions that enforce territorial principals. Which means that some jurisdiction is 100% tax free; while some charge a reduced tax rate compared to India or any other country in the world.

Dubai does have Value-Added-Tax and Excise Tax applied only on some businesses. But, the percent of tax is only 5% - way lower than India. Moreover, the country has absolutely no tax on private income, capital gains and profits, no inheritance tax, etc.

Indian entrepreneurs are very attracted to the concept of starting their business in Dubai, transferring their commercial funds to save taxes and truly believe that Dubai is a tax haven. Further, with governmental encouragements, technological advancements and well-organized infrastructure business setup in Dubai becomes a welcoming opportunity.

Here are the specific features defining how business setup in Dubai can save you from Indian taxes:

Attract Investor: A major market of Dubai as well as of UAE is to attract investors. Dubai is one of the most substantial and diversified regions with various investment opportunities, however taxation benefits offered by Dubai in terms of luring investors, outshines them all.

Foreign Collaboration: Dubai comprehends that a significant feature is vital to emphasize the global credential and appeal on a worldwide platform, thus offering company setup in a tax-free environmentis the best thing to do!

Competent Business Avenues: With investors, foreign collaboration, exchange controls, trade quotas or economical barriers – due to a tax-free environment the competency of the business doubles up.

Niche Market Trends: Liberal polices enforced by the government allows several businessmen and financial entities to create a distinct place in the market for themselves – which is mainly because of the tax advantages business setups. For instance, the import and export market of Dubai makes immense profits as there are no import, export or custom duties along with several exceptions providing 100% repatriation.

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