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How Can I Obtain A Permanent Visa In Australia?

If you do not have an Australian passport, you will need a visa to reach the land of kangaroos: there are several types, here we will see together how to get a permanent visa.

Do not rely on experiences of friends and acquaintances, because most likely your profile, although it may be similar or different from others.Age, nationality, goals and reasons for traveling are just some of the important factors to understand which the best visa suitable for you.

Visas work in Australia

There are different types of visa to work in Australia:
The Working Holiday Visa, or a temporary visa that allows you to work full time, (maximum 6 months for the same employer) and stay in Australia for a maximum of 2 years.
Sponsor Visa: The employer offers a contract to an employee (for 2 or 4 years) that has the characteristics required by the Australian Immigration Department. Requirements of experience, level of English (IELTS) and professional qualifications must be met.
Skilled independent visa: a scoring program for those who want to immigrate to Australia. It is not easy to get it, but not impossible.
The skilled visa or skilled independent visa, is a permanent visa to work in Australia. The most requested is the subclass 189, although there are other types that depends on the state in which they are asked and the presence, or not, of an employer. It is a point’s visa based on your professional, academic and age characteristics, you can achieve maximum points.
Here are the requirements to obtain a permanent visa in Australia:       
1.     Your profession must be on the Combined List of Eligible Skilled Occupations categorized as a Medium and Long-term Strategic Skill.
2.       educational qualification (taken out of Australia)
3.       degree obtained in Australia
4.       IELTS (General)
5.       age
6.       years of professional experience

If you want to immigrate to Australia, we advise you to organize and evaluate the possibility of directly winning a degree in Australia (preferably university). This will give you more possibilities on a professional level.

However, this depends a lot on your profession: if you work in the hospitality sector - as a chef or room staff, consider the possibility of obtaining an Australian Diploma in this field. Australian employers certainly look back on their previous experience, but often the government itself demands official titles.
If you required more information about immigration so Australia immigration consultants can help you to understand which the best way to get Australian immigration easily.


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