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Famous Styles of the Decades

When we look into the history of humans, 100 years won’t cover much. It seems a very small time to contemplate the history of mankind. But when we think of the history of fashion, then a 100 years can be a huge and influential time. Fashion trends change quite rapidly and a lot has been changed over the last 100 years. 

Earlier fashion was quite conservative, which limited women to dress in a certain way. Now people have become much more liberal and our society allows women to dress according to her choice and comfort. Dressing up doesn’t have to be an elaborate process which includes several parts and sub-parts anymore.

The changes in the women’s fashion over the last 100 years have been quite drastic. If you look back to where we started and to where we are right now the difference seems overwhelming. People used to fashion a bone-cinching girdle with an ankle length skirt then and now women roam around in casual leggings and sneakers. But the in-between years also saw some major changes, where the transformation from the traditional to modern wear was made.

Here are some of the famous styles of the past years:


In this year, the S-bent corset was extremely famous. This was also called the ‘health corset’ as this it was supposed to alter the wearer’s posture. As the decade came to an end, this style changed in the form of girdles and far away from the greatly dramatized hourglass silhouettes that was demanded from the women of that time. The wardrobe options expanded and women could wear leisure apparels such as long skirts, woollen sweaters and blazers.


This decade was famous for the bias-cut gowns. These gowns became popular as the common people adopted the style of gowns used by the actresses in movies. The movie stars would show off in their glamorous gowns. The silhouette of the gown was long and lean that hugged the curves of the woman wearing it. The fabric would drape over the body of the woman.


It is known that hemlines were considered to stay below the knee level in the previous decades. But in the 1960s, the miniskirt became popular among women. Obviously, this style was extremely controversial at that time when it was first introduced. But with time, the naysayers were eventually overcome. Young women would wear these skirts for any casual outings. The trend has stayed with us till now.


This is the time when platform heels gained all its popularity. The heels got taller which was favoured by most women. Pairing these stunning heels with any outfit would make any girl look fabulous. Many famous celebrities were seen fashioning this new style of shoes. Thus they become popular among the common people too.


Bohemian style has been with us over a hundred years, but it became widely accepted and popular from the 2000s. This incredibly casual yet fashionable style has become so popular that you can easily find women tops online in this style too. Nowadays, you will find several people rocking that boho chic look near you.

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