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Best Small Business Phone System & Services for All Types of Companies

The choice or selection of best small business Phone System is very tricky and to communicate with customers and clients is highly critical for small businesses. Therefore it’s very important decision to opt for right business phone system. When searching for a phone system, there are many factors which must be considered such as system should be reliable, it must work every time when an employee picks up the phone to make a call. It must have robust features and different key calling features like automated attendants, mobile apps, ring groups, voice mail to email, collaboration tools like online meetings, conference calling, instant messaging which gives the professional appearance to both customers and employees.

The small business Phone System selection must consider that system should have low rates, valuable integrations and excellent customer support. There are different types of business phone systems.

Types of Business Phone System

8X8 Cloud System: Reliable cloud-based unified communications system. It is easy to use. Packed with valuable calling. Collaboration and mobile features and tools. Company offers excellent customer support. Excellent mobile app. It is cloud-hosted VoIP business phone system. It does not require any complex PBX hardware. Automated attendant facility. Offers an audio production store. Extremely secured business phone system. Highly reliable system.

Ooma On- Premise System: Specifically designed for small businesses. Simple to install and easy to use. Anyone can easily set up it, not necessary to have an IT experience. This system is compatible with all phones. It has an impressive mobile app which allows making or receiving calls from any place. Automated attendants. Voice mail to email. Call forwarding. No additional wires are used for installation. It includes Linx devices.

Ring Central Cloud System: It is a robust cloud hosted VoIP unified communication system which combines messaging, online meetings and voice calling. No equipment is required for installation. Easy to use and offers all of the calling, collaboration and mobile features. It includes ring groups, conference calling, automated attendants etc. Screen sharing by instant messaging and online meetings. It offers mobile app which allows the users to tap in to their business lines from anywhere. It provides new customers with an implementation specialist. With the help of ring central, customer can select local, toll-free or the vanity numbers.

Grasshopper Cloud System: It is the best virtual phone system. It provides remote workforce to present a professional image at all the times. Includes robust mobile app and an automated attendant. Simple to use and no equipment required for installation. Available on both Android and iOS devices Employees can check voicemail messages, call history or review faxes.

Mitel Cloud System: This system is an excellent choice for call centers. Offers flexibility in hosting options, features, service plans and tools. Includes soft phones, mobile app, an automated attendant, voice mail to email etc. It offers all the facilities required for call center services like call routing with queuing capability, IVR( Interactive Voice Response), skill-based routing, CRM integration options, call monitoring etc.

Thus customers have unlimited choices of selection or opting for best small business phone system.

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