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7 Most Affordable Places to Study Abroad

Going to a different country to get your higher education is indeed on everybody’s wish list these days. But most of the times one cannot go ahead with this idea as it involves higher costs. But there are some countries which will give you a chance to pursue this dream of yours without worrying too much on the budget. These countries are affordable for studying even compared to your own country. Your concern may be about the tuition fees or the cost of living; you can find an affordable solution to these things while getting a very good education in these countries. Let’s take a look at 7 most affordable study abroad destinations here:

• France
• Norway
• Poland
• Germany
•  Malaysia
•  South Africa
•  Spain

France- An Iconic Educational Destination

France is one of the preferred destinations to study abroad as there are many students who love the French language and the culture very much. There is a good number of higher education institutions in France scattered over forty cities. And the average cost comes between 200-300 EUR per year, with overall living cost of700-950EUR per month.

Norway- Realize what’s Possible

Norway is comparatively an affordable study destination as it is free for both within the EU and outside students. However, there is an exception to some specialized programs. The country is known for quality life and nature’s bounty. English taught programs are easily available here which makes it more desired. The average fees which one would have to pay at a private university would be between 8000-9500EUR per year.

Poland- Beginning of a Promising Start

The country not only offers distinct and interesting cultures to explore, but it also gives the best conditions for higher education to study in a friendly environment with high quality internationally recognized degrees to set your career right. The tuition fee may range from 2000-6000 EUR per year depending on the study program.

Germany- The Land of Ideas

One can take benefit to advance your career from a higher quality education in Germany. Learn a new language and gain a wonderful learning experience by getting educated here as is preferred by a guy number of students from all over the world. Cost of living is 8,640 EUR per year.

Malaysia- Real Tradition Real Success

Studying in Malaysia is very cost effective. One can choose from a number of high-quality study programs. The education here is much cheaper than in the UK, which comprises of living cost plus education cost. The cost per year goes between 20-30 thousand EUR for a 3 years education course.
South Africa- A land of extreme Contrasts

South Africa is known for its natural beauty, cultural diversity and conflicting history. Another good choice for students is to study abroad. The place is inexpensive with low tuition fees and cost of living. For an undergraduate course, the cost may vary up to an average of 5-6 thousand EURO per year.

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