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Thermals- Your Best Friend for Winter

Even the coldest winter days can become quite bearable if you have a good quality thermal wear on. The big secret to keep yourself sufficiently warm when you are stepping out to fight against cold temperatures and winds is to layer yourself first with long thermal inner wears. For people living in cold countries and others who are always a little too cold, thermal wear is a big boon.

Long underwear is also known as long johns, thermal wear, base layer, thermal underwear, thermals, etc. They are available in a variety of forms like men’s thermal vests, half or full sleeved tops, long thermal pants, etc. These thermal clothing have become quite popular obviously because they have certain advantages which other winter wear are not able to provide. Before you buy a set for yourself, you should know a bit about them and check whether you will actually need them or not.

Why thermals?

Thermal wear is basically made to keep you warm and dry. They are designed in such a way that they can easily wick away all your body’s moisture and also trap the body heat next to the skin to keep you warm. By wearing long thermal underwear you can stay quite warm, comfortable and safe even if you take part in any kind of outdoor activity. In extremely cold regions you need to layer appropriately, first with the thermal base layer, then the middle bulky layer and finally the last waterproof layer. Here thermals are extremely important to keep your body sufficiently warm, as the temperatures outside can drop below the freezing level. It also minimizes the chance of the wearer getting hypothermia. This is must have for any sports enthusiasts as they work pretty well with physical activities.


  Mainly there are just two styles of thermal wears:

·          A one piece thermal suit which has to be worn under the normal clothes.

·        Two separate pieces which need to be bought separately. One is the thermal top to protect the body     and the other is the pants which protects the legs.

Both the styles are very tight fitting to fit your body shape so that they get well concealed underneath your clothes. But the fitting will also depend on the type of material you choose to buy. You will notice that the cotton ones are a bit loose than the micro fibre ones.


You will find that most of the thermal wears are quite neutral in colours. This is because they will be worn under the normal clothes. The most common colours tend to be beige, grey, navy blue, black and white.

·         The cotton, spandex and polyester ones are found in a variety of colours and also have different patterns. But mostly they are all solid colours. You can buy thermal underwear online having patterns.

·         The synthetic, wool and micro fibre ones are mostly made in darker shades. Though with thorough searching, you can find lighter versions too.
Before buying you should keep in mind that white thermals will eventually start appearing greyish with repeated washing.

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