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How to Survive in a Tech World with Non-Tech Background

The myth that you cannot excel in a tech world with a tech background is only around to keep people away from tech. Things have changed now and are better than it used to. A tech company is not run just by those have core tech knowledge, there are also people who manage and excel at the non-tech positions. However, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t make an effort to familiarize yourself with tech.

Of course, you can not write lines of code or work with the algorithms but you sure can do other tasks? Tech just is one part and it should not discourage you from trying to get into a company. But if you are going to work with a tech savvy people, you might want to have a basic knowledge that most people in the company have.

There are a ton of examples to prove that people with a non-tech background have been doing well in company. As a matter of fact, we have founders of mobile app development companies who come from a non-tech background but learned their way to the top.

If you are from the non-tech background fearing you won’t make it in this technical environment, I’ll say you have misunderstood. The following points will show you what you can do to survive in a tech world if you have no idea of technology:


If you know the basics, you can easily survive. Some basic coding, jargons and procedures are enough to start with. With this knowledge at least you won’t feel lost. Get familiar with the terms. You can also strike a conversation with people who have good tech knowledge. Even if you are completely new in this world, you can always Google things and learn.


The first step to start anything new is to learn about the topic as much as you can. You have to be willing to get into it with all your mind. Start by reading tech blogs, watching videos, case studies and observing any tech related conversation. Another great way of learning is to take online courses since they are cheap and give lots of information.

Here’s a great blog you can start with: Appinventiv Blogs


Projects are a great way to learn how everything works. Do projects slightly related to tech topics and turn them into business models. This will make a great project and you will learn a lot. Many app development agencies hire for projects where you can apply to gain experience and learn something extra.


It’s not the end of the world if you lack tech knowledge, there are still other skills left that can take you a long way. Add these to your skill set:

  • Marketing: If you know how to market a product or service, you have a skill companies can use for their promotion. Marketing shows that you can sell and convince people that a certain product is worth the try. Digital marketing is another important skill that both non-tech and tech people should learn.

  • Management: management means that you have the ability to organise things and situations in a clutter free way. Application development process needs proper planning and mobile app developers are always looking for this skill.

  • Content development: You can’t write lines of code but you can write about writing lines of codes. Tech people are always looking for creative writers who can turn their achievements into success stories.

  • Copywriting: This is a skill that can help you a lot but needs good command over language. Since you will be re-writing tech stuff, you will need good knowledge about tech.

  • Designing: If you have an artistic background, you can absolutely work in app development agencies as a UI/UX designer. This skill needs a lot of creativity and if have it, you are good to go.

  • Networking: To connect and communicate with customers or clients is a highly useful skill every company needs. Being able to turn first time customers into long term clients and forming a long term relationship with them helps the company. You can utilise this skill to get into top app development companies who are always looking for people with great communication skills.

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