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Modern sliding gates are wonderful options for both residential and commercial properties. They’re innovative, sleek and a classy alternative to traditional gates. They usually have a wonderful design portfolio and are ideal for any modern choices.  It can be of many types:

        Hung sliding doors: these doors are hung from a beam above which usually supports the door. These sliding gates are mostly used indoors but are also extremely modern in nature. and can support a variety of materials. Most of the hung sliding doors are used in the domestic installation.

        Bottom sliding doors: These bottom sliding doors are an extremely convenient option which consists of rollers at the bottom which held the sliding mechanism of the gate.

Automated Sliding Gates

The new beautiful and sleek alternative to traditional gates is modern sliding gate.  They can be of many types but the most preferred type are automated sliding gates. They are made of a motor and activated a system that operates the sliding mechanism. They are commonly used for commercial establishments and for garage doors at home. They also usually contain an automatic locking mechanism.

Advantages of a sliding door
There are numerous advantages in an automatic sliding door. Firstly, they are extremely sleek and easy to operate. They are also extremely easy to automate. As it cannot be lifted out of its hinges, it is extremely secure for installations that require a lot of privacy and security as unlike well. There is almost no room required to open the door and no requirement of manpower to operate the doors either traditional doors. Modern sliding doors are also likely to suit more places much than traditional gates, are more flexible and have more diverse uses.

Materials that can be used

Automated sliding doors can be made of different types of materiautomatedal. But most commonly, the material that sliding doors are made out of are aluminium. Aluminium shutters for sliding doors are one of the most common types of modern sliding door installations They’re very commonly used in stores, hotels, office entrances, doors, garages and industries.

These doors are also ideal for situations requiring high security because the security for these gates is harder to breach than traditional gates. They can even be used at the main entrance of an establishment to block further vehicular traffic as well.  The sliding gates are extremely durable, weatherproof and withstand the vagrancies of wind, rain and heat. They are also unlikely to break during the attack. The most common type of automated gates is a slide gate, cantilever gate, swing gate, vertical lift gate, vertical pivot liftgate, bi-folding gate, and barrier arm gate.

Based on the requirements of the enterprise, one can easily pick a type of sliding gate that they prefer. While some sliding gates may require more maintenance than others, those doors which require more maintenance may also be less expensive than the ones that require more maintenance are also likely to be less expensive. Further, the magnetic doors with aluminium shutters can also easily be programmed to unlock during emergencies. 

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