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Facts About Prostate Surgery

It has been found out that surgery is a viable option if the prostate cancer has gone on to extends its boundaries. What happens during the procedure is that the surgeon goes on to remove the entire prostate gland in combination with some surrounding tissues. The major operation in this regard happens to be radical prostatectomy. Let us now explore more about the prostate cancer treatment in India at a nutshell

The side effects

Just like any other form of surgery this too carries considerable amount of risks as well. The common problems that might spring up are

·         Reaction to anaesthesia

·         Chances of blood clots in the lungs or the legs

·         During surgery bleeding might occur

·         At surgical site chances of infection do increase.

In a rare case you may find that a portion of the intestine might be damaged during the surgery. The chances of infections in the abdomen may arise and you might need surgery to overcome it. At the same time such injuries are more common when it is robotic surgery rather than the traditional or open method of surgery. If you remove the lymph nodes there are chances a collection of fluids might occur and you would need to drain it out.  It has been found out that in some cases people also die due to complications that emerge out of this surgery. Here the risk is dependent upon the overall health, and skills of the surgical team.

There are some side effects which are very much part of the surgery

·         You are going to face changes in orgasm- Here the orgasm does seem to be pleasurable, but no semen is ejaculated. The main reason being that the glands are removed during the course of the procedure. In the case of some men the feeling or orgasm reduces or goes down in a complete manner. There are some cases where men have gone on to report pain as well

·         Fertility loss- when a radical prostatectomy is undertaken the pathways where you generate the sperm along with the otherare cut off.  The testicles will take in sperm but they are not going to leave the body once they are going to ejaculate. What it means is that a man cannot father a baby in a natural manner. If this does become a cause of concern you can ask your doctor about banking your sperm before the surgery. In order to be aware of it you need to have one eye on the fertility aspect.

·         With a surgery there is significant chance that your penis length may go on to reduce. This might arise when there is s shortness of the urethra

·         Lymphedema- here the complication of removal of a host of lymph nodes might arise as well. You do go on to remove the lymph nodes so that the fluid makes a return to the heart and then to all areas of the body. The fluid would be collected in the genital regions of the body as well.

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