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Do You Consider Babies Are Born with Knee Caps?

Are babies born with kneecaps? This is a question that does involve a considerable degree of research. The thought that might come in your mind is how babies can crawl so easily when you encounter a difficult situation while crawling. When they fall the babies are known to recover with a tinge of smile on their faces. Are baby kneecaps really there? If you try to answer this question the answer might seem to be a lot complex.

Before we precede let us understand some basic medical facts. It is an obvious fact that the bones do not appear to be developed when you are born. It does go through the grind of cartilage via the process of ossification. The moment a baby is born it does include close to 300 bones with some cartilages. With the passage of time some bones develop whereas others go on to fuse. Eventually it will lead to 206 bones in due course of time.

Coming back to the structure of the knee. Patella is the name given to the flat circular bone that is part of the knee. You can consider it to a sesamoidbone (the bone incorporated with a tendon or our muscle) you can expose this bone to a reasonable degree of stress or fiction. You come across these bones in the feet or the hand. Tibia and the femur go on to hold the patella. The femur connects it from the front whereas with the aid of a ligament you connect the tibia.

Taking a further cue on the question do babies have knee caps at the time of birth? The patella of a baby happens to be a cartilage at the time of birth. By the process of ossification it is going to turn over to a bone. In fact this process does go on to start by age 3 to 5 years and this is going to continue till the process of adulthood. You will find that the growth of the bone tends to take place in irregular patches. There does take a final expansion in the early stages of adulthood where a strong bone goes on to replace the curvy and strong knee cap. If you find that the babies are being born with full developed knee caps. The moment they fall they are going to be prone to fracture. You could refer that the soft cartilage goes on to act as a sponge or a cushion. This does prevent the baby from getting hurt when they fall. It has been found out that crawling does appear to be easy and the pain is less when there is a patella or a soft knee cap.

Now do the babies have knee caps at the time of birth! An ideal answer to this question would be it depends. If you are considering the knee cap as a form of bone then it is ok. In case if you do not the answer is no.

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