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Digestive Problems During Pregnancy and Its Medications:

A woman suffers from various digestive issues like constipation, diarrhea, gas and heartburn, hemorrhoids etc during pregnancy. Let us know more about the causes of the digestive problems and how to treat them:

·    Constipation: This is a very common digestive problem observed universally by the pregnant women. The muscles of the bowel are relaxed during pregnancy due to the secretion of high levels of hormones which makes it hard for them to work efficiently. The growing weight of the fetus is also responsible for the cause of constipation as the colon may not be able to empty the contents fully. 

Eating soft foods, rich in fiber content (fruits, vegetables, legumes, whole grains etc) can help in easing the problem. Increasing the intake of fluids is really essential during pregnancy as water alone can cure many problems. Constipation can be eased by the intake of prune juice. Not only blood circulation can be boosted by exercising but more oxygen is supplied to body organs (including the bowels) .

·     Gas and heartburn: This generally occurs in the second trimester of pregnancy. Gas is caused by the slower digestive system. Gas can result in burping, belly pain, passage of gas, cramps etc. Avoiding foods like spinach, potatoes, garlic, and carbonated beverages can help with the problem of gas during pregnancy. 

An uncomfortable sensation in the chest and throat are is heartburn. This burning sensation occurs after the consumption of meals.

Foods like onions, garlic, spicy foods, fried and fatty foods must be avoided. Refer a doctor if the pregnant lady has frequent burning sensation. Doctors may recommend some medicine for digestion in pregnancy to ease the heartburn and gastric problems.

·    Hemorrhoids: Passage of hard stools during the bowel movement can be due to hemorrhoids. This can be identified when blood is passed with the stools or if there is excessive itching or pain at the opening of rectum. This is nothing to be ashamed of. Referring a doctor immediately can help in treating the problem; otherwise the problem will get worse during the pushing stage of delivery.

This might get away after pregnancy. 

Avoid standing or sitting for too long. Changing positions and moving around is really important for avoiding hemorrhoids. Avoid foods that can constipation that is another important thing to avoid piles from piling up. Intake of foods for softer stools is essential. Usage of ointments or creams for easing the pain and cream can be used after doctor recommends one. Sometimes icing the hemorrhoids can also help.

Exercising or walking for at least 30 minutes a day can help in minimizing such problems. Intake of lots of fruit juices and water will surely help. Fiber-rich foods must be included in the diet of the pregnant women at all cost during the pregnancy phase to keep the problems at bay.
Parenting is not at all easy and it brings forth lots of problems which can be either treated by proper intake of healthy food habits as mentioned above or by medications after prescribed by a doctor. To help the pregnant women with the digestive problems some pregnancy digestive medicine can also be used. 

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