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Analysis of Motivational Speakers – Effects of Motivation

The first thing to know while you are presenting a motivational speech is that words are powerful and they are!! The motivational speakers change many lives through their speeches.  One can get several answers by listening to their speeches.

The motivational speakers create experiences that would be relatable to their audience. They highlight those important issues that the majority of people might face. These are the main reasons why people want to listen to them.

A motivational speech can take the audiences to the new heights of their thinking patterns. They are not supposed to convince the audience, they actually do beyond the informing and convincing tasks.
A good motivational speech is the one which can move the person emotionally. Some of the important elements of motivational speeches;

·         Use real stories, the journey
·         Be Passionate
·         Self-motivation to make a positive change
·         Lead an Emotionally traumatised people to take a positive action
·         Make people able to think differently.

Motivational Speakers in UK

Motivational speakers UK are doing a great job in their field. One of the popular names in the UK is Andrew Neil speaker. He is a well-known publisher, broadcaster and a chairperson of a company. He is known as the most influential people in the UK by Debrett’s in the UK.

The most scientific interviewer in broadcasting declared was Andrew Neil in 2015. It is said that if someone is elected to be a prime minister, he should be in front of Andrew Neil for just 40 minutes to know whether the party leader is fit to become a Prime Minister.

Ander Neil is a well-known Anchor person of BBC TV. He is currently serving various roles; chairman and editor in chief of press Holding Media Group, joint owner of World Media Rights, Chairman of ITP and a publisher of the world-renowned art magazine spectator Australia and Apollo.

The real motivational hero(s) and their speeches

Steve Jobs

He talked on several occasions and shared his very own story with his audiences. He created many motivational quotes which were said by him during his speeches. Sometimes the unprepared speeches give the most inspirational message to people.

Bill Gates

This man has also a true story of his own life. He also shared his story to motivate several people. The real stories carried the best part of possessing real failures or emotion from which audiences have gone through. Bill Gates definitely a reason to change many people’s mindset.
His words have worked emotionally on his audiences. He is the role model for millions of hearts.

Effects of Real Motivational Stories

What makes them super exclusive heroes standout is? they all have the guts to share their sad and bitter life stories in front of millions of people.

They are now successful but at times they worked hard, they failed, they got up, motivated themselves and tried hard again and again until they achieved. People believe in them and they proudly announce their failure for others success.

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