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Where I will get low cost Bulk Voice SMS Service?

Communicate along with your users in their own language. Outgoing Dialer is great option for overcoming language and skill barriers.

Ways to form a voice clip:

Call our number and follow the prompts to record your message. Enter the phone number you recorded the clip from and we can get your recording. Upload a clip that's already created and we can use it.
Type in your content and our advanced text-to-speech engine can convert it into a natural sounding voice clip. Re-use a clip that you simply have used/created before. And easily target your audience through Voice SMS Service.

Get Bulk Voice SMS Service Through Outbound Dialer with IVR:

Make your communication 2 method with our advanced IVR functionality. Raise your user’s queries and acquire their responses back in real time. Nice for obtaining back confirmations, feedback and opinions from your users. Our net Interface makes it terribly simple to form your own IVR.

1-      Missed call Numbers:
Make leads from your ads, Sign-up users for your loyalty program, live event polls etc. employing a missed call mark. Follow the Missed Call Alert with a SMS or a call from your sales team. Responses for a missed call mark are 10 times additional as compared to a daily phone number.

2-      Customer Satisfaction Surveys:
Automate client feedback for your business while not human resource expenses. Capture the feedback of your customers with voice calls. The call can play the recorded message and collect keys pressed by the recipient. Using our machine-driven voice surveys, you'll be able to collect valuable input for your business while not overheads.

How it works:
Record your message and queries that you simply need to raise your customers.
You can additionally enter the text for your queries and that we can convert it into voice.
For each question, came upon values for the user response keys.
Broadcast your survey victimization our on-line portal or by victimization our API.
We report back the results to your queries in simple to know graphs.

Features of Bulk Voice SMS Service:


1-      Text to Speech:
With our advanced Text to Speech engine, we can convert your typed message into natural sounding Voice clip. We have over 90 to 100 voices that support over 20+ languages. You may additionally send a custom message to each client for a additional personal communication.

2-      Record the Go:
Send voice calls to all or any your cluster members on the go while not the necessity for a laptop or web. Decision our number to record your message, choose a group and send it instantly. Great for sending urgent broadcasts like workplace closures, vacation greetings etc.

3-      Pay per Usage:

With our clear pricing and request, you only acquire what you utilize. There aren't any monthly charges on your account. Solely answered calls are beaked to your account. Our detailed reports list all calls and statuses for complete transparency.

4-      API Integration:

Integrate our API’s into your existing applications and build shopper central systems. Our engineers canwork with you and support you in application integration.

Bulk SMS isn’t just another marketing fad in the industry arena. It is a marketing technique that enables you to definitely implement time-honored marketing concepts. You are going to uncover why you need to start benefiting from Bulk SMS Service inside your marketing campaigns when possible

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