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Top Reasons to Choose Old Manali in your Trip

Top Reasons to Choose Old Manali in your Trip

Manali is the mecca of hippies who enjoy cool, laid-back environments in India. In the summer months, when Goa's beaches are affected by monsoons, the "India nuts" head to Manali for good weather, sun and a relaxed atmosphere. But there are many "Manalis," and while some are the paradise for backpackers and hippies with colorful hair and dreadlocks, there is another one that can preserve some of the very traditional cultural aspects of Himachal Pradesh.

For those who go to Manali it is important to realize what they want from the region and so do not make the mistake of staying in the "wrong place" and being caught by surprise. Most visitors come to Old Manali and almost never stop in the city. Old Manali is a traditional Indian village in the Himalayas. A beautiful and very characteristic village with traditional dwellings built of stone and wood. However, unrestrained backpacker tourism has transformed the village.

The houses have become cheap hotels, the local people hide in our passage and avoid the foreigners and the backpackers fill the streets. There are bars and restaurants with western food and even pastries.

If you're looking to stay in a place with lots of foreigners, Old Manali is the place to be. There are people all over the world and some live there for months.

To fame, Old Manali, no longer escapes. The people who go there are reputed to look for drugs, usually light drugs. It is very common to be enticed by young people who try to sell drugs on the streets. If this is not your wave, demarcate yourself and do not be engendered in these schemes. Every year young people disappear into the valleys, usually during trekking but their disappearance is thought to be related to drug use and trafficking. Usually these young people appear dead a few days later. Bodies are usually raped and robbed. The Parvati Valley is one of the most "black", since there, like Old Manali and Vashisht, there is Charas production, a kind of hashish grown in India, Nepal and Pakistan. In the last 10 years 20 people disappeared whose track has not yet been found.

Old Manali is the ideal place to arrange treks in the area but be very careful. Look for a certified and recommended agency in the current guides. Never go for trekking without local guides. Robbery and disorientation can be the cause of disappearances.

Old Manali is a great place to buy hippie clothes with lots of offer and good prices.

Old Manali worth a visit. It is a beautiful village with a beautiful Hindu temple, the Temple of Manu. To get there you have to climb the main road or take a rickshaw to the temple and then down the village, exploring the traditional dwellings.

Old Manali is the ideal place to stay if you are looking to get to know the most characteristic of North India region and privilege the contact with the population. There are few foreigners there, most of them Old Manali.

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