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Coffee is not just the morning cup or an evening cup. It has become an essential for a bad day, tired evening or even an ideation meeting where you are stuck. It seems to be a solution to everything that seems wrong in life. It can be sipped when you are with friends; it is ideal when you are out with colleagues and of course, how can we miss coffee dates? There is so much that is depended on a hot mug of coffee. 

But it is not the healthiest choice that we make in life. Especially when we are taking more than one cup in a day as a routine. Big coffee franchises are flourishing on our coffee addiction, so this is the time that we cut to a healthier coffee.

Let us learn to make delicious coffee which not only wakes you up, but it is good for your health also.

Skip Artificial Sugar

We all know that the sweet thing you are putting in your coffee is not so sweet for your health. It contains calories which give way to weight gain and cavities. You should be very picky about what are all the ingredients that you put in your coffee. Choose natural, unprocessed options whenever you get a chance. You must always use a natural sweetener like honey which not only sweetens your coffee but also has a lot of other health benefits.

Artificial Cream is forbidden

Just like artificial sugar, artificial cream are not suitable for your health. They can cause you inflammatory and digestive issues. You must always choose organic cream in your coffee. If you want a non-dairy cream, then you can opt for coconut milk and hemp milk. You must ensure that the product does not contain any additives.

Organic Coffee Beans are your friend

Organic coffee beans do not have any kind of synthetic substances, and it is grown in organic conditions. The nutrition value is high in an organic coffee that is why it is a healthy choice if you are a coffee addict. Not only it wakes you up in the real sense, but it is also found effective in reducing the risk of chronic diseases and cancer. Organic coffee is also found to prevent and treat diabetes by treating low blood sugar levels.

Spice Up Your Coffee

If you want to enhance the quality of your coffee incorporate some spices in your coffee. Spices like ginger, cinnamon, nutmeg and cardamom seeds are some of the options that you can explore as per your liking. These spices add a unique sweet aroma to your coffee along with fantastic health benefits that they have. The key is to use them in moderation as an overpowering taste or smell of spices is not everybody’s coffee.

Add Aromatic Cocoa

You can add organic, unsweetened cocoa to your coffee for a healthy boost of taste. It will take you to your childhood memories of hot cuppa of chocolate. Cocoa has a number of health benefits, and a small teaspoon is enough for daily consumption.

Incorporate these tips into your daily coffee habits and see the results yourself. These small steps will take you towards a healthier self.

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