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Well, it is never easy to see your brand’s name or your own on the billboards or newspaper.
It takes quite a lot of time to create a buss among the public for your business.
The procedure often goes through certain failures and remarkable successes as well.
A minor failure is enough to give your business a major setback but a
big success is often not enough to reach the ultimate goal. In order to buy exposure
for your brand it is important to go
through a set of regulations. These regulations are not rules but a helping hand in
creating bright chances for your business to grow and expand.

Following are the strategies from which a wise business
person must adopt if he wishes to witness his name everywhere.

1. Become a big deal: This is important. You can’t simply hop in front of a news editor and ask
them to interview you or publish your content. It is necessary to first make yourself important.
But how? Whatever field you belong to, earn excellence. Do something extra ordinary. Stand
out of the crowd so that you can be distinguished from others. Without making your self
someone who matters a lot there is no chance a media platform is picking you up. They want
ratings and for ratings it is important to buy viewers interest. Do something engaging which
buys you audience’s interest.

2. Begin from the lowest: This might require a bit too much of your patience but hey, there is no
way you are quitting the challenge. It is about feeling like a celebrity. You will be known
nationally or perhaps internationally as well. Don’t aim for your country’s biggest media
platforms in the beginning. Of course they are the target but you don’t have to jump to them
without any concrete reasons ending up with rejection. First, go for low rated news channels
and outlets. Get featured in newspapers with lowest number of retailers. Get yourself heard on
radio channels which are not too famous. At least you will have something in your hand in the
name of coverage. Later you can utilize it pretty well.

3. Work for free: Whenever a hair salon car wash center opens they offer half priced or free
services for a week or month. Why? This does not go in vain. They get publicity and customers’
trust and interest. Similarly, you should adopt this idea. Whatever service or field you specialize
in try to offer is for free or at lowest prices for some time. This will give you a grasp over your
customers’ regularity and also buy you enough time to become a buzz around the town.

4. Have access to all sorts of media platforms: Sticking to one type of media outlet is a fool’s
choice. Play smart. Use your connections and relationships with different media brands. You can
get a call from anywhere. Waiting to be picked up by a single media brand is a risk. What if they
don’t pick your story? This will cost you loss of time and efforts.
Newspapers, on-screen channels, bloggers, vloggers, writers, and radio stations,
both famous and not-so-famous must ewelcomed.
Says Mr. Roger from Ed Cal Media Agency.

5. Never say ‘NO’: You are in need of coverage. You have to carve your way through the
saturated grounds and reach the destination. If a magazine with not too good ratings contacts
you, don’t decline. Even if a young newbie blogger or vlogger wants you to be a part of his
content then avail it. It can be your chance to attract media in the easiest way possible. Make
sure to be at your best while presenting yourself. Don’t think that it is a low-key coverage so
why the hassle. What if you are picked up by a media outlet and they go through you record and
find you in the most informal presentation ever? That will not have a decent impact.

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