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Subak Organizational Structure

Subak members and commonly known as Krama Subak Organizational Structure is the farmers that have cultivated rice fields and get a parcel of water in their areas. In Subak members will also be available several classes known as Sekaa, Krama Subak classified into three groups, namely: Krama Aktif is the active member like krama pekaseh, sekaa yeh or sekaa Subak. Krama Pasif is a member who replaces their obligations in cash or kind for some reasons commonly mentioned in Pengampel or even Pengohot. Krama Luput is the members who aren't active in all types of Subak activities due to the responsibilities as the head of the village or Bendesa Adat.

Subak organization committee consists of Pekaseh/Kelian is served as Chief of Subak. Pangliman/Petajuh served as Deputy Chief of Subak. Peyarikan/Juru tulis is as secretary. Petengen/Juru raksa is a duty as treasurer. Saya/Juru arah/Juru uduh/Juru tibak/Kasinoman has a function in matters of notice or announcement. Pemangku is a different duty in cases of ritual or religious events. 
The groups in Subak split into Sekaa Numbeg are a group which regulates the processing of property. Sekaa Jelinjingan is the group in charge of organizing the water therapy. Sekaa Sambang is the group that has the task of monitoring the water of the flight, banishes or catches the animals that destroy the crops like birds and rodents.

Sekaa Memulih/Nandur is a group in charge with regards to planting rice seedlings. Sekaa Mejukut is a group in charge of weeding rice. Sekaa Manyi is the group in charge to cut or crop rice. Sekaa Bleseng is a group which has the duty of transporting the bond of rice which has been planed from the field at the barn. As an organization that's autonomous in caring for their very own organizations, 

Subak can place rules known as Awig awig, Sima, and Perarem. Within the awig written things and necessary provisions, the essential contents in awig are placed about parahyangan, pawongan and palemahan while the provisions and things in greater details contained in pararem like the implementation of awig Subak. Awig awig Subak includes rights and obligations of Subak members and carries approximately sanctions for violation of rights and responsibilities.

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