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Feel the Waft of Best Waffle in Delhi at these Places

Feel the Waft of Best Waffle in Delhi at these Places

Sweet and light desserts are everyone’s choice. Desserts which transport you to a land of delicacy are something else. Who doesn’t like waffles that just melt in your mouth like a flash?! We do. Everyone does. The batter, the bread,maple syrup, ice-cream are the ingredients of a heavenly dessert. We do not exaggerate when we say we are already salivating, yes we are!

Rose Cafe, Saket

This dreamy cafe is your stop for waffles. Once you enter this cafe, you will find yourself in a fairy land with quintessential Victorian magnificence. The crockery, the lights and the decor make the experience all the more sweet. Waffles here after your meal can be icing on the cake. Correction - even before the meal or at any time! Rush.

The Belgian Waffle Co. Dwarka

Dwarka, which is turning into a food hub has got something special for its foodies. Yes, all the waffle lovers can lay their hands on a lot of waffled. A cute, small space that speaks to you. They also deliver online. So what’s to worry! Jump! This place also serves one of the best waffles in Mumbai

Caffe` Tonino, Connaught Place

Want Italian on your plate? And that too with Tuscan vibrations. This cafe has got you covered. Well, a trip to Italy where you can get your hands on all things Italian. Yes, pasta, pizza and yummy desserts. And waffles are a magic here. Their fresh and light desserts with ice-cream are exceptional. Do not wait. Run.

Cafe Wanderlust, Gurgaon

A cafe with cute decor and scrumptious food cannot be ignored. This cafe suits all your waffle desires and yearnings. Plus it does not burn a hole in your pocket either. Plain waffles that are certainly not plain is what you get here. You’ll visit it again.

Waffle some, Greater Kailash 1

With different flavors of waffles under the sun, Waffle some comes as a party to all those who have a sweet tooth. Nutella, maple syrup, nuts, whipped ice-cream and what not! Plan a date with your lover, yes please do. Or get along with your friends and satisfy those waffle pangs. Quickly!

Blue Door Cafe`, Khan Market

Khan Market is known for its food, shopping experience and what not. How can waffles be left behind! This cafe serves the heavenly waffles which are to die for. Their decor and art serves as a bonus if you have an eye for aesthetics. Try their Waffle Slam and you’ll be golden, we promise. Hurry up!

The Big Chill, Khan Market

Big Chill is as old as hills. Yes, you guys can chill ‘big’ here. Waffles with ice-cream is sure to quench your sugar rush. High on sugar and want to tread the tried and tested place? Head to Big Chill. No regrets and yummy in your tummy, we bet! Let’s go!

Drool Waffles, Saket

Well, the name itself makes it a den of waffles. You get a number of waffles with ice-cream - different flavours, unique names, various toppings - all under one roof. What more can anyone ask for?! A dessert treat at Saket can make you go crazy. Also, they have options for the health monsters and vegetarians. Scurry! 

Hit these places pronto. Yes, drag your earth pads to these eateries and bite into that best waffle in Delhi.

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