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Facts You Must Know About the Network Speed of Your Device

The combination of basic function and reliability, the performance of your device (computer or laptop) determines its overall speed and usage. The ability of your network speed shows the performance and occurrence of a smart device that can be any, computer, laptop, router or a range extender. The process of Extender Setup can only be performed when you have live and active signals coming out from the main router.
Well, a Netgear WiFi Range Extender Setup can be done easily if you take care of the following facts.
  • Router and the extender supposed to be placed at a higher ground and should not be hidden back of any device, cabinet, or cupboard.
  • The firmware of modem and the router supposed to be updated by the latest firmware of technology.
  • is the most useful website that guides its valuable user to perform the task for their extender setup successfully.
  • For that you have to let your router rid from heat due to heavy load and computer rid from malicious files and malware. After that, you have to connect router and the extender with each other and computer with the extender thorough a well maintained Ethernet cable.
  • Plug all the devices to the wall socket and wait for the power LED lights on your device turn to solid green. Do not proceed if you find a little fluctuation in electricity.
  • Extender Setup Netgear could be possibly done if you type the correct login details to all the required fields (username and password).
If you do not have the default details, call our Netgear tech support providers on a toll-free number 1-888-927-4505. Also, remember that in case you have changed the default details before the process of setup, then you have no option left to restart your device and to perform the entire task again. Change the default details only when you have completed the task successfully.
  1. What do you understand by a Network Speed
In today modern world of technology, nobody wants to get slow down, everyone wants to rush in all situations and except all the upcoming challenges. It becomes very embarrassing situation in front of guest when your Internet speed breaks down suddenly. Nobody understands the cause of such a situation, but we do. We understand and respect the emotions of our valuable users. So, we would like to suggest, disable those devices that become a barrier in the path of network speed and your devices. Such devices can be any, maybe our household or neighboring home appliances.
  • Take your device away from the reach of neighboring devices and place it at the center location of your house.
  • Disable all metal appliances and electronic gadgets including microwaves and juicer mixer grinder when not in use.
  • Consider taking a new connection. Ask Netgear experts regarding the same.
  • Now, it’s time to install Netgear Genie app.
  • Time to build a strong SSID (network name and password).
  • Setup Extender WiFi, get a safe, secure, and reliable network along with a valid IP address.
  1. Role of your bandwidth in Network Performance
It may interest you to know that the bandwidth that we use or consume is the key factor in determining the speed and performance of a computer networking technology. It is also referred to the data rate that supposed to be supported by an interface or a network connection. This is very useful in presenting the overall capacity and capability of an existing or new network connection. On the other hand, it is the fact that a bandwidth refers to both actual output and theoretical ratings.
  1. Measure your Bandwidth
A bandwidth is described as an amount of data that passes through an Internet connection over time that is measured perfectly in Bits Per Seconds (bps). A number of tools in today’s world do exist for administrators in order to measure their bandwidth of a well-maintained network connection.
On the other hand, it will be really glad our valuable users to know that Netgear Genie app offer their clients to set a bandwidth limit for those guest and relatives who often visit them and they are known as guest access and parental control. Just open a web browser and type mywifiext into field of the address bar. There are chances that you might see an error message while login into the website. In that case, try making use of different web browser and log in again.


  1. To setup you Netgear device you need to access the official webpage. Sometimes does not work then to access the website for the setup of your device you can either browse login and password or or Netgear admin to to register your device on the website.

  2. Thanks for being sharing, In case you are having problem with new extender setup, then Call to our technical experts at toll-free number +1-866-606-3055 for quick, permanent and reliable solutions to all your issues.