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Debilitating Effects of Environment Changes on Human Body

Human Framework is the most complicated aspect of our existence. From functioning of the mind to how the body adjusts to different factors is simply bewildering. It is just outstanding to witness the defense mechanism of our body and how it raises alarm during times of emergency. 

There are several environmental changes which are having a huge impact on our body functioning. Sometimes our body is driven to exhaustion due to the adverse environmental conditions. Both natural and man- made factor have an impact on how our body works.

If we look at a decade earlier neither are we breathing the same air or drinking the same quality of water. Everything seems to have deteriorated and this is just disheartening. The irresponsible acts of human beings have caused pollutions of all kinds. The earth seems to have lost its splendor and resources. Even after committing such atrocities, the human kind is not rising to understand what long term impact all of this can have. Healthy living is fast becoming a distant reality.

We are slowly becoming victims to the bad environmental realties. Babies are afflicted with serious incurable diseases. Owing to environmental changes, discrepancies are cropping at all level be it like sex, living conditions, exposure, food habits and even genetic makeup. Some people are more susceptible to the changes happening around and suffer more. Those who are less resilient, hold on for little longer but ultimately the outcome begins to show face. Pollution is destroying the protective layers of our atmosphere and this has adversely affected climate and agriculture. What we eat today only looks natural but is infused with so many pesticides and chemicals.


Affect on Air Quality:

Air Pollution has serious implications. The level of pollutants in the air such as Carbon dioxide, smoke, dust, soot, sulfur dioxide and nitrogen dioxide is forever on the rise. Harmful gases are released in the atmosphere by industries. Vehicular traffic also leads to air contamination. Increasing levels of lead, mercury and other harmful substances in the air is leading to a kind of slow massacre. There is a rapid rise in cases of lung cancers, eye irritations, asthma and other health problems.

High incidence of Vector- Borne Disease:

Another very bad effect and cause of unhealthy living condition is existence of vector- borne diseases which are becoming highly erratic in their pattern ofincidence. Vectors such as flies, mites and ticks act as vehicles in transferring infectious parts such as eggs or lave of virus, bacteria and protozoa into human being thus leading to huge amount of infection in the body. Several changes taking place in the climate, happening of naturalcalamity, sudden seasonal changes, changes in precipitation cycles and decline in defensive geographical resources have made it so convenient for vectors to live, grow in number and finally attack the humans. Unsafe insects on the rise have led to increased incidence of diseases such as Lyme, Dengue, Malaria, Spotted Fever Rickettsia West Nile Virus and other strange kind of infections.

Besides these mentioned factors, there are so many more events which have, actually paved way for ill-fated hurricane of this malicious cycle of environmental changes which is having a debilitating impact on human health. It is high time that we start realizing the final outcome of our stupid and selfish habits on the overall health of the mankind. Take a step before it gets too late.

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