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Are you an IT Graduate? If yes then Consider the Types of Jobs in Which you can Make your Career

Are you an IT Graduate? If yes then Consider the Types of Jobs in Which you can Make your Career

Technology has developed at a greater speed with the wheel of time. In today's world, there is no scope for an outdated technology. Every minute technology is changing and this change has become the lifeline of the human being.

IT is the application of computers which provides multi-function at a single time such as storing, retrieving, transmitting and manipulating information in a relation to a business or other fields. People tend to depend on technology at a large, these have led to constant change in the technology, new and latest technology has made the life of people easier. Technology is used as an aid to information. Collection of data helps in a healthy competitive business, research work and etc.

Career Options

·        Network Engineer

This is also known as computer network architect, they generally perform their task with a company's computer network, by using information technology they make network system available for all employees to use. Local area network (LAN), a wide area network (WAN), intranet and extranets are the data network created by a network engineer. The work of a network engineer is to analyze where the network is going to be needed, create a plan for the network, make plans for hardware and wiring needs for the office building and being up to date with the latest technology. Education qualification required is bachelor degree in a computer-related field, some employers look for applicants having MBA in information systems.

·        Software Developer:

Often known as computer programmers, the main work of software developer is to design, install, test and maintain software systems. Employment for software developer can be found in all industry sectors from finance to a public organization, transport and security services. Knowledge of programming skill, web-based programs, Java and visual basic is very important for a developer. Based on the demand of company's a software developer has to make new software on its own, they are responsible for writing and coding individual programs. Education qualification required for this profile is to hold a bachelor’s degree in computer science, software engineering or related field.

·        Database Administrator:

 They use specialized software for storing and organizing data. Their responsibility is to maintain and guarantee the security of the database of the company. Their role includes performance monitoring, security troubleshooting, backup as well as data recovery. They are responsible for evaluating the new database and modify the existing database of the company to meet the requirements of their employer. They are in high demand in the field of insurance, finance and content providers where security of data is the primary objective of the company. Education qualification required is bachelor degree in information technology or computer science or electronics.

·        Information Security Analyst:

The work of an information security analyst is to outline and execute security systems to protect an organization or company's network system from hackers and cyber-attack and helps in setting up and maintaining security standards. The responsibility of an information security analyst is to observe their organization network for security breaches and investigate a violation. Installation of software such as firewall and data encryption programs to protect valuable information. 

Education qualification required is a bachelor’s degree in computer science, programming or a related field.

IT is a fastest and booming sector and job creation in this sector is in great number. Business has to keep up to date with the technology in order to compete with others and secure itself from cyber-attacks. There are various opportunities for IT jobs in Singapore and many companies have started hiring aspirants having their education qualification in computer related field. You can look out for suitable position in top MNC's and for any further information you can refer to the job portal of Monster Singapore to get jobs in Information technology sector.

Author bio:- Neelam Gupta  is currently focusing her writing on the extensive domain of employment. She has written various articles and blog posts on resume writing, job search and hiring. She also likes to write about nature.

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