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What are the Most Important Duties of a Florist?

Becoming a florist is one of the most viable jobs you can take advantage out there. If you are passionate with everything about plants and flowers and you are keen in using your creativity and artistry to design beautiful bouquets and wreaths, then this job might be for you. If you want to become a florist Hong Kong, you can start off by working at a flower shop, grocery store, or an outside stall somewhere.
You can even make a career out of it, especially if you decide to establish a Hong Kong flower shop business of your own. Indeed, it is a satisfying and rewarding job, especially since floral design and arrangements are in demand almost all year around, regardless of occasion.

The work of a florist entails different duties. Here are the most important:

·         Plant and flower care – While customers or clients aren’t visiting the flower shop or calling in for orders, it is important that a florist must be able to take good care of the flowers and plants that are on display on the stall or flower shop. For much of the day, you must be able to water the plants at certain times, as well as prune, clean, and condition the plants and flowers to ensure their freshness. You must also make sure that they get enough sunlight.

·         Flower arrangement – This is one of the main duties and responsibilities of a florist. Floral arrangements involve designing a set of flowers and/or foliage, assembling them in an eye-pleasing bouquet, wreath, or any certain arrangement placed in a vase or a container. You should be able to creatively and skillfully assemble flowers and greenery based on the customers’ needs. More importantly, you must be able to present them in such a way that it would fit a certain event, like a birthday, wedding, funeral, or a holiday celebration. For Valentine’s Day, for example, it is important that you are able to prepare bouquets of flowers of different shades and types that are ready to be sold for the day, whether from your own design portfolio or as requested by your customers.

·         Customer service – Engagements with customers and clients are an integral part of becoming a florist. Of course, you must be ready to be of assistance to customers calling in or visiting the shop. Indeed, it is imperative that you help out customers in choosing the best floral pattern for their bouquet, wreath, or any other arrangement. If it would be based on the customers’ preferences, you must satisfactorily adhere to them. Also, the florist also works with clients such as wedding and event planners. As such, you must effectively communicate with them so as to be aware of what kind of floral arrangements to be displayed at events such as weddings, conferences, or any other function that involves an audience.

·         Business and store management – Whether he or she owns a flower shop or is employed by a flower shop owner, it is important for the florist to perform retail service or office work. Of course, you must be able to maintain the cleanliness of the shop by sweeping away any wilted petals, leaves, or other matter scattered on the floor, as well as rearranging the appearance of the shop itself to keep it attractive for customers. More importantly, you must answer clients’ calls and place their orders until the finished products are ready for pickup or delivery. You must also constantly communicate with suppliers to ensure the fullness of the shop’s inventory. In an effort to keep a detailed record of transactions, you may be required to conduct bookkeeping and accounting.

These four duties of a florist Hong Kong are considered the most important. The job can be quite daunting depending on the event or occasion being celebrated that day and/or the number of customers and clients you may be dealing with. But as long as you have the skills and expertise to deal with other people’s needs and the passion to creatively arrange and assemble flowers and plants, working as a florist can definitely be a rewarding job or business you can have.

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