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Getting a job as a fresher has become easy these days. If you are a fresher and want to kick-start your career, you will have ample of job opportunities to choose from and most often candidates get confused in selecting the best career path for them according to his/her expertise and knowledge.

Now the very first question is how you can look for the right job opportunities. In a developed country like Singapore, there is huge scope to shape your career. Being a fresher, you can register yourself on the leading job portals where you can find a gamut of job opportunities. These online portals can let you know about the various job openings available in the market. These portals will allow you to know about various companies, the number of vacancies etc.

Actually, the fact is there is no dearth of jobs for fresher. There are large numbers of reputed company which hires fresher and trained them in their own way. For one vacancy, numbers of candidates are likely to be high. So as a fresher, it becomes imperative to shine out.

Ä      Mentioned below are some of the important things that will help you out in landing a good job.

1.     Research about the company product and services

It is recommended to get the details of the company and its products and services by surfing it on the official website. No one expects that you must have the knowledge in all the direction of the company. But at least, one should be aware of the basics of the company’s business.

2.     Talk about your past projects

Since you are a fresher, you don’t have any experience to show. But yes, you can show your major projects and assignments that you have done in the past. If you did any freelance projects, then this is the time to unveil it.

3.     Keep your resume short

No one has enough time to go through the paragraphs of your resume to know the better understanding of your potential. Therefore, it is advised to keep your resume concise and informative. Being a fresher, your resume should be of 1-2 pages. Highlight the skills that are concerned with your profile.

4.     Communication skills

In today’s world, it is not possible to survive without a good communication skill. So, make sure you are good in oral as well as in written communication. Your communication skill is something which will make your ever-lasting effect on the interviewer. The ultimate way to improve is practice, practice, and practice. Give your time to improve your accent.

Furthermore, there are numerous engineering jobs in Singapore for fresher. All you need to do is to just make your profile strong and keep updated with the latest vacancies on the various job portals. Your search would be much easier if will take help from the leading job portal like Monster Singapore which connects job seekers across the country.You can begin your job hunt by uploading your updated resume on the portal.

Engineer by education but a professional content writer by passion, Pragyan Prabha finds solace in writing. She loves writing on job search, interview tips, career guidance and many more.

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