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Solar Power: Its Importance in Homes

Energy is a paramount need for humans in order to be functioning members of the society. Today almost every device and appliance we use utilizes a form of electricity and works through the principle of charge. In most countries, power needs are fulfilled by thermal plants, hydel power or nuclear energy. This is highly unreliable, as each of these power sources has a unique problem in the process of procuring energy. We need an infinite supply of energy, one which can help with all our needs and will last for the history of humanity.

The answer is right above us, it has been the source of all life on earth for billions of years, the Sun. This star around which we revolve is a giant nuclear reactor, which radiates enough energy daily to our planet; which can fulfill our energy demands for more than a year. This abundant energy, however, goes untapped. There are many problems associated with solar, such as the sheer amount of land available where it can be tapped or the land itself which is sometimes inaccessible. Yet if fully used to its potential, it could help replace all fossil fuel consumption and help save our environment.

There are places which gets a good amount of sunlight on a yearly basis. The deserts and the plains of the Indian subcontinent, and Pakistan, in particular, have one of the highest ceilings for tapping solar energy. With the country in need of a power source which can help alleviate the needs of the people, solar is the way to go. The major energy corporations in the country have combined to help out with this cause. They have pooled in resources and have decided to supply the people and businesses with end-to-end solutions for installing solar systems.

They help with procurement, design, finance, construction, and maintenance of the systems. This is particularly useful for commercial rooftop solar usage. As they need power at all times and managing and maintaining can be a hard task, when all hands are on deck. They use world-class components and equipment and thus the amount of energy harvested is done with maximum efficiency. The quality of the products ensures that these last for years without any problems. Companies also have individuals working for them to help with commercial setup and negotiate any business with documents. This hassle-free procedure encourages more businesses to utilize their roof spaces to harvest energy and help create a greener future for the country.   

Solar is the future for humanity and with developing nations like Pakistan setting an example for us to utilize it to its maximum potential; we should wait no more and invest in solar power. The most beneficial advantage of this power is that over the course of time; one can be grid independent and even contribute with supplying power to the grid. In the long run, if we are to see humanity flourish and thrive for millennia, then adopting solar power is the right way to go about this future.

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