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Service Tax: A Few Facts You Must Know

Service Tax: A Few Facts You Must Know

For the government of the land, there are certain sources which can bring in the revenue. One of such sources is the service tax that is imposed on the service providers. There are a number of services that are brought under the perimeters of the service tax recently, and hence the chances of increasing the revenue by this source for the government have increased a lot.

By the imposition of goods as well as service tax people who are liable to be taxed need to abide by compliance which permits them to submit manifold returns regarding every financial year. A few of them make up monthly requirements in which information concerning invoices issued and also obtained need to be submitted along with GSTN. This GSTN will be a sort of repository of informationmeant for taxpayers that they will be able to access in future.

Just to assist you by means of the best comprehension of the process of service tax filing form, let it begin with the fundamental understanding of the idea concerning lately imposed indirect tax about goods and also service tax.

Meaning of GST returns

Returns make a set of forms found in the pre-approved form of reporting. It forms proviso of needed information simple in relation to taxpayers to effect a complete disclosure. Every form is made in such a way to make a certain complete disclosure regarding each deal undertaken amid seller and buyer. 

People to file GST returns

Every person liable to pay a tax called taxpayer according to the rules of goods as well as service tax is required to submit tax return necessarily as made compulsory by the department.

Kinds of returns within GST are given below:

1. GSTR 3B

In order to make the method of shifting of taxpayers towards novel tax system from the former regime, one interim form GSTR3 has been introduced for two months. It was meant for the purpose of self-declaration in which taxpayersshall put forth the details of invoices about these two months.


With this form, you have to give the information about supplies made outwards of goods as well as services to the authorities. It is necessary to be submitted on the 10th of each subsequent month. It can be said to form the basis for the further filing of forms within that particular month.


It is a kind of auto-populated form that permits the receivers to view and scrutinize the information submitted by the supplier.

This form offers the information about supplies made inwards of goods as well as services as furnished and confirmed by the receiver of the goods and also services. This form is to be submitted on 15th of the succeeding month.

It forms a kind of auto-populated form which can be generated after submitting of GSTR 2 by 15th of every succeeding month. In it are reflected alterations carried out on the part of the receiver and moves towards the supplier who shall decline or admit all those alterations.

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