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Importance Of CT Scan And Necessity Of It In Different Health Condition

Every diagnosis process involved in medical treatment is specific for a set of functions and all that comes according to the prescription of doctors. Due to certain changes in a normal state of health, many people prefer to do a proper CT Scan of the patient. There are various reasons for which CT Scan is required. There are various new forms of CT scan which are not only better because of offering better results, but also less harmful to the patient to whom it is applied. Only a doctor can suggest if a person requires this as the process involves the use of X-rays.

Reasons For Going Through A CT Scan

There are various reasons for which a person should go for a CT scan. One of the most important things is that formation of an arc with X-rays through which detection is done. Every person going for a CT scan should know that a special process called PET or Positron emission tomography is now used. With this, the images formed are better visible for detection than the age-old CT scan. Right now pet ct scan centres in Mumbai are getting more number of patients for CT scan.

1. If a person is unable to go through an MRI scan for certain reasons, like the placement of a pacemaker or a metal vertebra transplanted, they can go for CT scan. If a person is injured, then also they are asked to go for CT scan.

2. If the doctors find that a person is suffering from issues of blockage in blood vessels, they ask them to go for a CT scan. This is because it can be used for diagnosis of diseases and exploration of the vascular system.

3. If a person is involved in an accident, they need to make sure that they know all about internal damages to help them recover. That is why doctors ask patients to go through CT scan and at present PET so that soft tissue damages to a bone can be detected easily and the recovery process can be started easily.

4. For various diseases, doctors need to examine their brain and understand the tissue damages or force-associated trauma that occurs in the brain. This type of damage needs to be controlled before it can cause further issues with the brain.

Every person going through the new PET- CT scan is finding it simpler. Even the doctors are getting benefitted from it. All the reasons for which it is done needs to be prescribed by doctors. The impact of CT scan on a patient is huge and therefore one needs to make sure about all alternatives. But the important thing is advanced technologies have improved this situation a lot. A clearer diagnosis can not only help in surgery but also in deciding course of treatment. There are numerous ct scan centres in Mumbai where one can get hold of such diagnosis.


Any person should go for CT scan when necessary and where it is performed by experts. The best places offer additional facilities of medical counselling after it as well.

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