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Here Are Some Amazing Ways to Style Your Kurtis

If you are in love with kurtis, then you are always probably on a lookout for ways to style them uniquely. Although there are many different ways in which you can mix and match your kurti, not all styles are equally popular. There are some styles that look extremely unpleasant to the eyes. The styling ideas given below are not like that, though! In fact, there is something unique and special about them. Check out-


  • Team your kurti with a pair of jeans. This is an extremely popular way of wearing kurtis. All you need to do to put together this style is to wear a simple kurti and then team it up with a pair of basic blue denims. The colour is really not a matter of concern here; you can pick any colour you want. But you have to be a little careful while choosing the kurti. Make sure it is not extremely embellished or colourful.
  • The second amazing styling tip would be to compliment your kurti with a pair of leggings. This is probably the most common way in which a kurti is worn. There are different varieties of leggings available these days in the market. You can choose whatever suits you well. While there are some leggings that form folds around the ankles, there are also some varieties in which such folds don't form. Although both the varieties look great with a kurti, the latter is a more recent adaptation. When you pair your kurti with a pair of leggings, never go for the same colour. If the kurti is pink with a blue collar, then you can probably go for blue coloured leggings. Trying to bring in some contrast in the ensemble would be the best bet. If you want a pair of leggings that would go with any kurti colour, then invest in white and a black pair of leggings from some reputed brand. Thankfully, you can buy anything you want from
  • Another amazing way to style your kurti would be to pair it up with a Patiala salwar. If you thought we are trying to create a salwar kameez set out of your kurti, then you couldn't be more wrong. In this ensemble, you won't have to carry a dupatta on your shoulders. And that is what will keep this outfit looking different from a set of salwar kameez. Go for any coloured Pyjama for this look, there is no bar on colour. You can also go for a printed salwar, if you want to give the overall look a bit of dynamic touch. But if you are using a patterned or printed salwar, then do wear a solid coloured kurti. This way, your outfit will remain balanced. Remember, maintaining this balance when you mix and match clothing items is extremely important to avoid looking out of place.
  • If you have a kurti that has a middle slit, then you can wear it with a pair of wide leg pants. The style is quite a rage these days. And woman across ages are trying this look out with great enthusiasm.
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